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„Schafkopf“-cards „Schafkopf“-cards
Beer and playing cards, what a typical Bavarian combination. You will always have a great hand with our Weihenstephaner „Schafkopf“-cards.“
€4.90 *
Velcro fastener Velcro fastener
The neat and blue colored Velcro with the logo of the brewery is a great gimmick in every situation when skiing. Either for an easy storage during après-ski or for a simple handling when carrying them. T he Velcro fastener always...
€3.90 *
Weihenstephan Backpack Weihenstephan Backpack
This Weihenstephan backpack offers you comfort and enough space for all of your business day. The optimal constructed system allows you all time access to your laptop, tablet-pc, camera, electronic devices, paperwork etc.. The backpack...
€44.90 * €49.90 *
Weihenstephan Bag (for 6 bottles) Weihenstephan Bag (for 6 bottles)
Running a quick errand at the store around the corner? Need to carry some bottles? Look no further: Our sixpack made from fabric makes shopping so much easier. Cheers!
€3.90 *
Weihenstephan bath towel Weihenstephan bath towel
The Weihenstephan bath towel is the optimal, fluffy companion at the beach, the swimming pool or at home.
€19.90 *
Weihenstephan Bavarian Cap Weihenstephan Bavarian Cap
The Bavarian coat of arms made of leather – definitely an eye-catcher on our Bavarian Cap. But there is also something special on the bottom part of the cap’s peak: a copperplate that shows the old monastery brewery of Weihenstephan....
€39.95 *
Weihenstephan Bottle Popper Weihenstephan Bottle Popper
Everyone owns a common beer opener – but how about our bottle popper? Simply put it on the crown cap with a little pressure and that’s it! A cool way to open your bottle.
€6.90 *
Weihenstephan Cap Weihenstephan Cap
Classic, simple and produced in our typical Weihenstephan-blue: No matter if it is summer or winter – our Baseball Cap with its white stick is always a great sight.
€9.90 *
Weihenstephan Gymbag Leatherpatch Weihenstephan Gymbag Leatherpatch
Wear it on your back or carry it around, put some beer in it or go grocery shopping – the possibilities are endless! You’ll definitely look great with our gymbag. Oh, by the way: Our new T-shirt and our beloved Bavarian Cap are great...
€16.90 *
Weihenstephan Knitted hat Weihenstephan Knitted hat
With the Weihenstephan knitted hat you will be protected from cold wind. The high-quality article is made in Bavaria.
€14.90 *
Weihenstephan Lanyard Weihenstephan Lanyard
The Weihenstephan Lanyard can be used to carry a variety of different items. The eyecatcher is the integrated bottle opener. That´s for sure! With safety clip.
€2.90 *
Weihenstephan Mouth and Nose mask Weihenstephan Mouth and Nose mask
We keep it simple with our mouth protection, covered with the traditional coat of arms of the world´s oldest brewery. You will always look good wearing this! Double layer with elastic band, washable up to 65 degrees Size 20 x 10cm...
€6.90 *
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