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Weihenstephan Bottle Opener Wood Weihenstephan Bottle Opener Wood
The Weihenstephan bottle opener with its wooden grip is very sturdy and practical.
€2.90 *
Frosted Glass Candle Holder Frosted Glass Candle Holder
A Weihenstephan light in the dark. Once the candle is lighted, a Weihenstephan lettering and the unique coat of arms of the world’s oldest brewery appears.
€6.90 *
Weihenstephan Glass Boot-Style 1,0l Weihenstephan Glass Boot-Style 1,0l
Single piece.
€19.90 *
Weihenstephan Multifunctional Scarf Weihenstephan Multifunctional Scarf
The Weihenstephan multifunctional cloth can be easily transformed into a headband, scarf and much more. It is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.
€4.90 *
Weihenstephan Key Chain Weihenstephan Key Chain
The high quality Weihenstephan keyring is fitted with three elegant, shiny chrome plated charms. No key will get lost anymore.
€12.90 *
Weihenstephan Lanyard Weihenstephan Lanyard
The Weihenstephan Lanyard can be used to carry a variety of different items. The eyecatcher is the integrated bottle opener. That´s for sure! With safety clip.
€2.90 *
Velcro fastener Velcro fastener
The neat and blue colored Velcro with the logo of the brewery is a great gimmick in every situation when skiing. Either for an easy storage during après-ski or for a simple handling when carrying them. T he Velcro fastener always...
€3.90 *
Weihenstephan Sunglasses Weihenstephan Sunglasses
The cool Weihenstephan sunglasses complete every outfit. Because of the the high-quality lenses and the 100% UVA / B filter cat. 3, you will have the best view in every situation.
€24.90 *
Weihenstephan Wheat Beer Glass 0,1l Weihenstephan Wheat Beer Glass 0,1l
The original Weihenstephaner wheat beer glasses in miniature format. Set of 6 glasses.
€19.90 *
Weihenstephan Historical Wheat Beer Glass 0,5 l Weihenstephan Historical Wheat Beer Glass 0,5 l
Gift wrap with a glass and certificate.
€12.90 * €14.90 *
Weihenstephan Knitted hat Weihenstephan Knitted hat
With the Weihenstephan knitted hat you will be protected from cold wind. The high-quality article is made in Bavaria.
€14.90 *
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